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Hand sanitiser: check.

Face mask: check. Glazed eyes hover above a sea of cloth coverings.

Consider asking boss for flexible hours. Someone takes temperature and proffers hand sanitiser.

Arrive at floor: everything looks different. ly cheerful open-plan layout now has everyone spaced out with their backs to one.

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Maybe ask to continue working from home, at least partially? Can I even still do this job?

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Check in, but briefly: after all, I was furloughed. Why me?

Why was I dispensable? In a second wave, would Soso six xxx com be first out the door again? Better not take full hour. Follow one-way system through office to reach it.

Chapter 9 turns our attention to the needs of the HornymarriedWomen in Boston ma family. A more produc- tive disciplinary writing work worth-.

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